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Monday, February 27, 2006

New Audio Posts

Today is the audio post DAILY DOUBLE!!!! Not only do we bring you last week's City Council meeting (18.6Mb late due to technical issues), we also have a freshly canned Easton UnPlugged (podcast 12 Mb). So get 'em while they are hot (or lukewarm in the case of the Council Meeting).

The Council meeting is a very interesting 3 hour marathon. The begining of the meeting was the public hearing for the Landlord Licensing Ordnance. Needless to say the audience comments are very informative and entertaining. Because of the hearing there were 3 audience comment periods. The people discussed Chucky's on South Side, Logogate, 501(c)(3) conflicts of interest, swimming pools, and the purchase of a street sweeper. The Mayor tried to pimp the "On the Edge" logo for the Stevenson Group (he failed); I guess negativity won out.

The podcast is Bad Apple, House of Crayons, and Just Asking going over the Council meeting and recent news like the Marquis Theater proposal, curfew, police hiring, and the (unsubstantiated) rumor of the Mayor's resignation. It is the clearest of any recording we've every done, and we believe it is the best podcast to date.

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