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Friday, May 26, 2006

Unprecedented Precedent

We refuse to bang our heads against walls; even though our frustration increases constantly. To us, nothing is happening if our problems are not getting resolved. The list of ills sickening our home is not getting any smaller than when we started this eight months ago. We have endured many more embarrassing, frightening, and sad events since EU began.

One by one our problems pile up, and each time the citizens/voters/taxpayers of Easton are treated like children and left in the dark. We know almost nothing of the few issue “resolutions” Council and the Administration claim to have developed. And the ones we do know of sicken us.

The shame that our Administration and Council blanketed the city in is unconscionable. What we have done to Carin Sollman and her two small children is ugly and heartless. Our elected Council only exacerbated the dwindling of public trust by making the decision to only pay $5,000.00 of the $20,000.00 funeral expenses. And they did so with no explanation. But they did not do so without inflicting the vicious insult of an inane caveat. In an effort to avoid establishing a precedent of paying too much for employee funerals a resolution was passed. Council resolved that any one who ceases to live while working for the municipality will receive funeral compensation not to exceed $5,000.00. The vote was 4 to 1 in favor; Councilman Corpora cast the dissenting vote.

The precedent we should be striving not to establish is the precedent of killing people on the job. We see significant savings and moral enhancement in that endeavor.

Our leaders are doing an extremely poor job of problem solving. Nothing is getting better. And to expect us to be grateful for anything while people are being shot and killed, our children have fewer resources, and our neighbors are allowed live like pigs while their landlords ignore their bills and liens is expecting too much.

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