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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Easton Dressed #2

I’m not the oldest Eastonian. Easton has only hosted me for just over 20 years. I am a transplant (not to be confused with a carpet bagger—I consider Easton my home, not some place of opportunity). And while my history here is relatively short, I do have memories of places and things that just aren’t anymore.

I remember Woolworth’s off of the Circle, bowling down at Heritage Lanes, and Frinzi’s when they had good food. And I fondly remember and solemnly miss the service and quality from Mr. Lenny Albaneese.

To those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to do business at 1217 Washington Street, I offer my apologies. 1217 Washington Street was the address of Giacomo’s Italian Specialty. And the doors of this fine neighborhood establishment closed for-good on Sunday, October 15, 2006. I apologize because if I was more aware I would have been able to advise you to stop by this neighborhood institution. I also would have been able to visit Mrs. Famularo in the store one more time and grab up some of her pepper shooters and the world’s best cannolis.

All is not lost. You can still get her pepper shooters and the world’s best cannolis. You may even be able to meet Mrs. Fumularo. You’re just going to have to do it at Giacomo's on the Hill at 700 Cattell Street.

The store on the Hill is one of my favorite places in the city too. It’s run by Mr. Giacomo and Mrs. Gina Fumularo’s sons Sal and Mario.

I feel bad, because I took the store for granted; like we do so many things in Easton. I thought Giacomo’s would be there whenever I chose to go and now it’s not.

I will visit Sal and Mario a lot more, because I don’t go to Giacomo’s enough.

Your neighbor

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