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Monday, July 09, 2007

Real vs Special: Needs Go Toe to Toe (Again) in Easton

On Tuesday, 6 p.m., July 10th, Easton’s City Council will convene. On the agenda is the question of how to reallocate CDBG funds from previous years that were not expended.

This money is YOUR tax money.

It should be used to benefit the most Easton residents possible. Several of the reallocations do that as with the request to purchase a sorely needed new command vehicle for the Easton Fire Department. Other requests are not that clear as to benefiting the greatest number of Easton taxpayers.

As a Council Member, I will be voting no to the $30,000+ request to turn the first block of North Bank Street into a pedestrian mall.

While the plan has merit and conforms to my objective of a clean, safe, and green Easton, it does not benefit a great number of Eastonians. The same result could be had by simply closing the block, not refurbishing it.

Easton has greater needs.

It is essential that we do everything we can to take children off the street before they are enticed by gangs and that we do everything we can to curtail drug activity in our neighborhoods.

Requests such as kitchen upgrades for Easton Neighborhood Center (Formerly St. Anthony’s Youth Center) for a new kitchen and air conditioning so that it can more effectively serve meals to children and adults who otherwise go hungry in our city is a priority that cannot be ignored in my opinion. And there are other agency requests that attack the root causes of kids becoming gang members and curtail drug activity. These must be addressed before I can vote for a plan that is attractive but not a priority over our people and neighborhoods.

How do YOU want YOUR tax dollars spent?

Plan to attend this Council meeting.

Carole J. Heffley


J. Spike said...

While those who know me are aware that Council person Heffley and I rarely see eye to eye. I have to say that Miss Heffley is 100% right and 0% wrong on this matter.

All this project really is, just another Stu Gallher developed plan to distract the public from the real problems and needs of the city.

I mean most of what Mitman has pimped to the public over the last few years are plans developed by Stu and Co.

While the Mayor and his "Chief of Staff", work on ways to squander city funds, real needs are forgotten. What about the city owned blight on Chidsey? What about city pools? What about City public saftey staffing? What about some city alleys like Vine street here in easton heights?

According to Mr. Hopkins this winter they can not do a good job plowing the alley becuase it is so uneven from the garbage trucks using it. And as a resident whom uses the street everyday and every week my trash ans that of my neighbors are picked up there. Do we matter less than a few business downtown? Does my next door neighbors who have called easton heights home for six decades mean nothing to these two?

What about a Police sub station? We almost had one in the west Ward but it never opened. Is Bank street more important than that?

Mr. Hand hit the nail on the head like Tiger Woods hits golf balls with his driver. in his letter to the express_times, he stated at best they could do this for the cost of five to six steel poles to cement in the street to keep cars off it.

But let us not forget. What if an emergency occurs along bank street, wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a fire truck or ambulance use it to get closer to the problem. Or am I the only one who thought of that?

J. Spike Rogan
Official Pain in the Butt to City Officials Since 2005
And Resident of Easton Heights.

Anonymous said...

Easton Area Community Center was awarded their money last Fall and you are correct that this will fill a great need. Carole is a member of Council and should know that EACC was not a part of this re-allocation.