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Friday, November 02, 2007

Ignored, Neglected, and Taken for Granted

“Why should I vote for candidates that obviously do not care that I am a constituent?”

That is a question all of us Eastonians should be asking ourselves when it’s time to choose between Peg Ferraro and Tony Branco.

One. That’s the number of Ferraro signs I’ve seen within city limits.

Zero. That’s the number of Branco signs I’ve seen in Easton (And coincidentally, that’s also the number of times I’ve encountered either candidate)

I mean, even Mike Dowd stopped by my house when he was petitioning (Although he hasn’t made a campaign knock at my door). Does Branco or Ferraro even know how to get any place in Easton that is not the Government Center?

The interests of Easton’s everyday people are constantly and consistently ignored by people we endorse to advocate for us. I am in no way thrilled at the attention that Easton has received from the Government Center over the past four years—or even the past two that John Stoffa has been at the helm. The “County” (meaning Government Center elected officials) has ignored the very neighborhood that it works in. Streets are seriously damaged from the (completed) construction of the prison expansion. The County has no presence or influence in that neighborhood beyond its campus. Stoffa wants to move the 140 employees in the Governor Wolf building out of the city. And the county government failed to pay special attention to Easton’s needs as the county seat when considering the negative social effects of slots in Northampton County.

They’ll get their votes, but neither Dowd, nor, Ferraro, nor Branco will receive my vote. They didn’t seem to care enough to ask.


J. Spike said...

Wallace is the only Non city Candidate I have met this election.

Thats it.

ONE guy who ironicly is not a former or current office holder there.

Anonymous said...

A little late now, but Ferraro, Schimmel, Wallace and Barron were all at some events - the NAACP Forum October 27 (Ferraro & Barron), the Open Bible forum (Ferraro & Schimmel), and the Debate at the State (at least Wallace, Barron, & Schimmel).

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