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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Documents on the Website

Friends & Neighbors,

We have updated the Documents and Media area of Easton UnLeashed (aka “the webpage”). If you aren’t familiar with Easton UnLeashed it is our website proper located at . The “website” is where we archive the more functional parts of the EUniverse. If we record a meeting or reference a file, then we store it and make it forever accessible on the webpage. The old top ten lists, comics, and Easton UnPlugged (podcasts) are also archived there.

The new additions to the D&M include:


Credit Card

Remember if we referred to it or recorded it it will be stored on the webpage.

NOTE: If there is any document or media that you would like us make available email us or let us know on the tagboard. If you have the document or recording send it to us. And when you send us stuff; paper, pdf, doc, txt, wmv, mp3, wav, and avi are the preferred formats, but we will take what you have. And ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN FAXES OR COPIES FROM FAXES. But we will work with those too. If you don’t have it we will scour the city to find it.

Your Neighbor

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