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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Phone Listings For Easton Police

These listings and advice were sent to us courtesy of SGT Matthew Lohenitz of the Easton Police. These listings are also available for download as a word file. EPD Numbers

If you have an EMERGENCY CALL 911 immediately
If you wish to make a police report and it is a NON-EMERGENCY: CALL 610-330-2200

Internal Phone Numbers

Command Staff:
Chief/Commissioner: CALL 610-250-6630

Captain of Field Services: CALL 610-250-6631

Captain of Auxiliary Staff: CALL 610-250-6641

Criminal Investigations Division (CID):
Lieutenant: 610-250-6634
Inspector/Sergeant (CID):610-250-6667
Vice Investigations Division (VID):

Lieutenant (VID): 610-250-6658
Vice Detectives: 610-250-6645
Records/Traffic Division:

Lieutenant: 610-250-6664
Traffic Officers: 610-250-6657
Neighborhood Policing/Special Enforcement Unit:

Sergeant: 610-250-6660

Patrol Shift Supervisor:

Lieutenant/Sergeant:610-330-2200 (Easton Dispatch)

Police Department Call Protocol

-If you have an emergency DIAL 911 immediately, DO NOT WAIT.

-If your call does not require an emergency Police Department response, please call the NON-EMERGENCY number.

-If you need to speak with a Crimes Detective or contact someone regarding a case that is being investigated for you and you do not have the phone number of the Detective assigned to the case, call either the Lieutenant or Inspector/Sergeant of Criminal Investigations.

-If you need to speak with a Vice Detective or you have a complaint that involves DRUG ACTIVITY or PROSTITUTION, please contact our Vice Investigative Unit.

-If you need to get a copy of a Police Report or other documentation please contact the Lieutenant of Records.

-If you have a question regarding traffic, parking situations or abandoned cars, please call either of the traffic officers.

-If you would like to advise the Police Department about quality of life issues or need to be fingerprinted for employment or school, please call the Sergeant of Neighborhood Policing and Special Enforcement.

-To speak with the Patrol Shift Supervisor on duty, please call the Northampton County Dispatch Center (610-330-2200) and ask for the Easton Dispatcher.

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