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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Canned Worms

Tomorrow evening 6:30pm at the Christ Lutheran Church on 11th & Ferry Streets the Mayor will be holding a Town Meeting.

Where do we even begin with this? It’s been more than a month since I received personal assurance from the Mayor that a State of the City address was to be, but thus far we haven’t heard a word about it. I read somewhere that the Mayor is entertaining questions at tomorrow’s meeting. Now I think to myself, “Self, how is he going to keep this meeting in order?” With all of the unanswered or insufficiently answered questions we have posed to the administration; this meeting could easily last for days.

Let’s just start with the cops…

Why did you try to hide the prospective Chiefmissioner’s backgrounds from your constituents? Why haven’t we paid for the public ceremony for Officer Sollman? Why is a homicide protected as a “personnel issue”? With the lost handgun being taxpayer property why haven’t you offered us resolution? Why did you create a manpower and leadership crisis in the police department through budgeting and contracting? Why did you fire the police chief without a plan? How much did the “Rat List” investigation cost? Is the City being sued by the “Rat” listees? Who were the six “community leaders” involved in the Chimissioner interviews?

Now let’s look at the rest…

When is the Early Intervention Program final report? What parts of the EIP report will you NOT follow? What happened to Chris Anzini, Miriam Huertas, Sue Coffin, Sheldon Smith, and Michael Gibiser? Is you email policy enforceable? What is the status of the uncollected sewer/water bills? Why haven’t you commented on the Bachmann debacle? Are you using “your extensive fundraising skills” to assist with the swimming pools capital campaign? Do you actively participate in city negotiations? Who is Dick McAteer? When is the State of the City? Are we on budget?

I’m sure I missed a few hundred. So, do me a favor; send your questions I will try to get them answered.

Your Neighbor

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