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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Suspicious Fire ALERT!

Office of the Fire Marshal


Since the beginning of this year the Easton Fire Department has responded to eight suspicious fires involving rubbish or brush throughout the city. Below is the list of these suspicious fires. The fires have been determined to be arson. Although some of the fires appear to be small, in a few instances they have attributed to significant property damage. We are asking the public to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and be especially vigilant on the night before trash is picked-up.

12:08am 02/21/06 1122 Jackson (rear) Rubbish
6:26pm 02/25/06 River Bank (Canal St) Brush
4:26pm 03/07/06 College Hill Reservoir Brush
7:41pm 03/08/06 326 Lincoln (rear) Rubbish
12:29pm 03/15/06 697 Ferry Dumpster
5:30pm 03/21/06 634 Northampton Rubbish
2:24pm 03/23/06 Railroad/Lehigh Drive Rubbish/Brush
5:18pm 03/23/06 1023 Spruce (rear) Rubbish

Below are the guidelines imposed by the City of Easton for Trash Removal

1) Place trash curbside the night before your pickup day no earlier than 8:00 pm.

2) STORAGE - Trash stored on your property must be held in solid, watertight containers out of view from public streets until it is placed curbside for pickup

3) CURBSIDE – Trash must be placed curbside in a secured manner (bags or containers with tight fitting lids) to prevent litter and clogging of storm drains.

4) Please remove empty trash receptacles from the curb on the same day that your trash is picked up

5) Each household may place up to five bags or two 30-gallon containers curbside per week. In addition, one bulk item per week may be placed curbside for pickup. Do not dispose of tires, hazardous wastes, batteries, liquid paint, motor oil, auto parts, chemicals, or any other unacceptable refuse.

*NOTE – items containing Freon must be serviced and secured with a maintenance tag and identified as being deactivated free of HFC’s and CFC’s before pickup as per Section 608 of the USEPA Clean Air Act. Also, all refrigerator doors must be removed for safety before being placed curbside.

Please do your part – unsightly and improperly prepared trash results in litter, complaints, and an overall poorer quality of life for everyone. The City may assess up to $300 for violations of trash ordinances.

For more information please call Deputy Chief John Bast at 610-250-6671.

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