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Monday, January 15, 2007

Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

Hear him pitch it:

After I read Tracy Jordan’s first article on “the award” being bestowed upon the City of Easton for accomplishing nothing tangible, I immediately researched the Partners for Livable Communities.

It took me all of 5 minutes to find out that they are a municipal consulting organization. And the organization does not hide why they exist. On their webpage they readily offer their Technical Assistance Consulting brochure which clearly catalogs their price list ( page 16). It cost $5k to get honored and $10k to join their club for a year. And joining their "Sam's Club for Local Government" allows us the privilege of buying plans, seminars, and other consultation from them.

Mayor Mitman has correctly stated that “The Partners” are a charitable non-profit [501(c)(3)], but his comparison of the organization to ProJeCt of Easton is misleading, and belittles the truly benevolent work of ProJeCt. The partners fit the criteria because of the types of services they SELL.

I am sure the “award” means more to the Mayor than it could ever mean to us taxpayers. A person networked with these guys (their board is politicians, lawyers, and bankers) has some pretty good prospects for future employment.

Their award is a sham-- a Trojan Horse. They are feeding on our collective low city-esteem. They found a slightly bruised community, then they told us how beautiful we were, and promptly asked us to pay for the compliment.

No one really knows how many marginally moral and/or ethical situations will evolve from the Mayor’s $5,000.00 purchase of the “Entrepreneurial American Community Award” from the Partners for Livable Communities. All we really know is that the Mayor expects us to be a lot more gracious and grateful.

Mitman rebuts:

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