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Monday, January 15, 2007

Farenheit 18042

Hear it happen:

Read the resolution.

Easton is a city where history is so important that we take significant efforts to celebrate and preserve it.

Patrons and residents of Easton have heroically toiled to preserve our architecture.

We Eastonians relish in our attachment to our country’s birth through our annual reading of the Declaration of Independence.

In Easton we do not use “liability” as a reason to destroy aged buildings. If we did there would be vacant lots on the northeast corner of 2nd and Northampton and the northwest corner of 5th and Northampton.

Come Hell or (as we well know) high water the Declaration will be read.

History is such an integral element in our city that we gave it top billing in new logo.

Because of this I must protest Council’s unanimous resolve (Resolution 213-2006 of 12/28/06) to destroy the audio history of City Council proceedings.

To eliminate history in order to avoid liability is not noble. In this, we also eradicate assets. Destroying the audio archive is not a tenet of government transparency. It is comparable to book burning; stinks of cover-up; and is one of the most permanent forms of revisionist history.

The advice that our Council is acting under does not protect the interest of their constituents—it protects them against the interest of their constituents.

Hiding from history is not noble; thus not in the spirit of History- Heritage- Home.

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