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Thursday, October 25, 2007

City Council Meeting Audio 10/24/07

What ever he did, that we don't know about, if it were that bad then we would know about it.
-Laini Abraham on the issues behind the Administration's
recomendation to fire Officer Vince Bruneo.
(audio 3 minutes 16 seconds 383kb)

City Council was near capacity. Citizens filled the room to save the job of Officer Vince Bruneo. Most of the speakers and attendees were downtown residents and merchants that Vince served. The Mayor lobbied hard to take Bruneo's job, and at one point he let everyone know that there would be no fill-in downtown beat cop as long as Bruneo lingered on the books. (Translation: You want your cop back soon, give me what I want). God Bless the LVEDC!

Council did the city a great service by retaining Bruneo. The man is a credit to his job. Just ask the people he protects.

Audio (2 hours 13.7Mb)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very cool.

It would have been a severely negative message had they canned Vince. He actually once pulled me over for a minor traffic issue, we ended up in minor traffic court to address it. I actually won, but almost felt bad - he was so genuine. Bottom line, he was HONEST.

It's time to have decent, good cops on the beat. I get a good feeling about him. - and it sends a good message that they chose to keep him on.

Go get'em Vince!