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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Missing City Council Meetings

City Council Meeting 08/22/07

The police command staff gave an accreditation presentation. Heidi and Iggy Markow followed with a proposal for a domestic violence memorial in Easton. There was lots of discussion on the domestic animal ordinance.

Audio (2 hours 1 minute 13.8Mb)

Community Development Block Grant Meeting 09/12/07

This is the first of two CDBG allocation decision meetings. 14 groups petitioned for funds, with the City of Easton being the 14th. The City asked for more than is expected to be alloted. The City's interest in the GEDP and CACLV was once again glossed over.

Audio (49 minutes 30 seconds 5.66Mb)

City Council Meeting 09/12/07

The City recognized the accomplishments of the late Elsie Luciano. Police Officer Sam Smith was recognized for his service and retirement. The Police/Shiloh Intramural Basketball program was honored, and Chief Palmer presentented awards. The domestic animal ordinance passed.

Audio (1 hours 34 minute 10.7Mb)

City Council Meeting 09/26/07

Mr David Woglam of Lafayette's Meyner Center presented the City with the "Meyner Report". The report drew a good deal of comment and discussion.

Audio (1 hours 33 minute 10.7Mb)

Community Development Block Grant Meeting 10/10/07

The second of two allocation assesment meetings. The City did not adjust its requested funds.

Audio (23 minutes 56 seconds 2.74Mb)

City Council Meeting 10/10/07

Council honored the accomplishments of the late Bruce Zanzitis. A resolution passed to waive City fees for the development plan and building construction of the L’il Rovers Field House.

Audio (52 minutes 43 seconds 6.03Mb)

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