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Monday, December 12, 2005


Ok Undressers, It is time for us to literally put our money where our mouths are! The pool situations have been a hot topic here and throughout the city. And the powers that be have subliminally received one of our ideas to help the pools. They seemed to have embraced the idea of soliciting donations and sponsorships.

Here’s a chance for some citizens to make a footprint. Let’s donate!

And I will be among the first. I will donate $50.00 this evening at the Council Budget meeting (PAyME, if you are there I will give you my $50.00 for the Lil’ Rovers too.) Along with my donation I will ask the city for two things. I will request that they make a method available for me to automatically donate money for the pools, and that they credit my donation as a EU referral. My plan is to give $10.00 a month for the pools until they are no longer in trouble.

If you choose, you too can reference your donations to EU. And after you donate, please sign the guestbook (YOU CAN SIGN THE GUESTBOOK ANONYMOUSLY!!!) with your donation amount and we’ll keep a tally. I will get a receipt for my donation and post it online.

So let’s get started! Make a pledge on the tagboard or to us at and confirm you donation on the guest book. Let’s make a dent.

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