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Monday, December 26, 2005

Voodoo Leadership

Once again our needs are put on hold.

The citizens of Easton have been constantly subjected to a very poor method of representation. We have been left waiting. At almost every critical moment in the city for the past two years we have been put off. When we need answers we are delayed. When we require action, we hire people to think through our options. When we require service, we get last minute exclusions. What a disturbing trend.

The people's work is NOT being done.

The city's leaders are using the "wait and maybe they will forget" approach to problem solving. Examples:

Officer Jesse Sollman's Death-- We haven't heard the Mayor publicly say the name "Sollman" in many months. That's not an exaggeration.

Officer Jesse Sollman's public ceremony-- No one representing the city has spoke on paying for the PUBLIC ceremony.

The Early Intervention Program FINAL REPORT-- We let the EIP people present their voluminous report, call it a first draft, and disappear. Meanwhile, The Mitman Trio have referenced it as the "EIP report" or "Five year plan" many times during budget hearings. Care to discuss the final report???

The lost hand gun-- As a resident I am somewhat concerned about what my expectations should be when something like this occurs. Answers...? Anyone???

The mysterious disappearance of Steve Mazzeo-- That was news for like five minutes. "I am OUTRAGED!!!" wait 5 minutes "OK I'm better."

Police Chief-- They will let us know how long we have to wait for a plan to look for a new police boss after we are done waiting for the new year to come and go. That should be worth waiting for.

Oversight at the Easton Housing Authority-- Bet they thought no one would bring the EHA up again, Huh?

Fire Contract-- Good thing they don't count on this effecting the budget.

Police Contract-- The Chief of Staff seems very anxious NOT to let anyone forget this vote. Why am I suspicious?

Economic development that we can credit to the Mayor-- Wait, I'll see if Clay Mitman or the College can field these questions.

I'd just like to know the Mayor's address. Maybe he'll settle down soon. After he's all settled in he can throw a little attention to the needs of his constituents.

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