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Saturday, January 28, 2006

City Council Meeting Audio 01/25/06

The audio from the January 25, 2006, meeting is ready. This was one of the best City Council meetings I have ever attended (with the exception of the overblown logo presentation). We had interaction on every level from small children to native children returning to help-- from residents to resident business owners-- from the alive and well to the spirit of Mr Kleppinger.

Logogate was officially unveiled, and the wind was sucked from the Stevenson Group's sails. Some citizens demonstrated the power of the petition (hmmm I wonder who they were?!). And the droves of families that attended and spoke to save the Eddyside pool were impressive.

The bad part... This is probably the worst audio we have to date. The microphone wasn't placed well, so we did what we could to enhance the volume. Sorry, we'll get better.

It's three and a half hours. The first hour of monotonous drivel about the makings of an already stigmatic logo campaign has been separated from the rest of the meeting. Logo Presentation (5.7Mb)

The rest of the meeting is here. Meeting (19Mb)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Smith doesn't need to be Chief. He and Stu successfully rewarded all of the bad apples in the department already.