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Monday, January 02, 2006

State of the City

The Mayor needs to call a press conference. We are losing more and more confidence in the Mitman Administration each day. We have been bombarded with significant events over the last year. And with little exception, the events have negatively impacted life in Easton.

We have listed the events over and over again. Easton Undressed: Voodoo Leadership We have asked for answers about events that no one wants to talk about. We get no answers. No answers with any substance. Meanwhile we sit and wonder, “How can they just act like nothing has happened?”

The Northampton County Prison fiasco isn’t even the straw to break the camel’s back. We know we can expect more ridiculous unspeakable acts in the future. And we also know we will get more inane magic eight ballish answers and responses. “Hey folks go back to bed; the Mayor himself is looking into it.” If there was ever a time to have a mayor that really lived on the 600 block of Ferry Street… Wait scratch that… There has NEVER been a time when having a mayor live on the 600 block of Ferry Street wasn’t an asset to the residents of the city. Mister Mayor, thanks for the information and reassurance. I know… I know… Your just doing the job we elected you to do.

We deserve to know. We have a right to know. It is time for a State of the City address.

Every time I think of the term “lame duck”, I think of the old one-liner, “Can a one-legged duck swim a circle?”

Here’s another I heard from an old republican friend, “Back to the store in ‘84”.

Déjà vu all over again… AFLACK!

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