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Saturday, January 14, 2006

It Ain't Cute, It's My Home.

Reta Howell’s Jan 13 letter to the Express Times addressing the renaissance of the City of Easton was well written, but very limited in its scope. She generalized our city of 26,000 residents down to “a wonderful downtown area filled with small businesses striving to succeed. Art galleries… stores to enjoy… home to some wonderful artist… studios… music and entertainment venues.”
Easton is a city filled with wonderful families trying to succeed. Decaying lots that used to be playgrounds… Over fifty-percent rentals… The highest taxes in the Lehigh Valley… Fewer public workers… And one low-quality supermarket.
Easton is home to 26,000 people, of which an overwhelming majority don’t own or operate any of those “wonderful downtown” things. Our home is continuously sold short by people whom only recognize value in the architecture or arts. The value of the roads, housing stock, and lives in the four square miles of Easton that doesn’t include the 4 to 6 square blocks of downtown is far greater by every measurement.
Most of Easton is residential, but an inordinate amount of our efforts are focused on the whims of our neighbors and the social elite; who only care to recognize one neighborhood and its “obvious architectural treasures”.
Easton is a whole lot more than the Downtown, the College, and the Government center. It is four square miles with twenty-six thousand souls that pay a whole lot and receive a lot less.
I beg your pardon Ms Howell, but Mr Gingold was right. We are definately in need cleaner and safer streets. Your compliments are appreciated, but if you’d really like to help; buy a home here and live in it.

Terrance E Hand
City of Easton

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