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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Answers to your "Comments" questions

On Monday, October 2, 2006 two questions were put to us via the "Comments" links after posts.

The first from LatinTeacher asks, "So, do you agree with the Union position or with the proposal?"

This comment was posted to the August 23 Council meeting post. We assume that the question is refering to the proposed "water lease".

Our answer is niether (totally). We like something in between. We see no reason why the city should cease to employ the 20 or so water employees in their current jobs. Their jobs will still exist in the same capacities under Surburban Water. And since we keep hearing how this is in no way a privatization, because the Authority is a City agency, it makes a lot of sense to share the responsibility and keep an active grasp on our asset-- The water plant.

The union employees in both water and sewage have been managed by outside agencies for years. So, an arguement that management other that the City's over the City's employees is moot.

Making those employees choose between working at their trained positions or leaving the union is union busting as an aside. For the Administration it is a back door win-win. If they remain in the bargaining unit the workforce will allow positions to exist until attrition eliminates them, or if they keep their jobs the staffing immediatly disapears from the City. Well, what does that leave us the taxpayer with... A depleted bargaining unit (AFSCME Local 447) that can no longer stand up for the safety and fairness of working people. Translation, fewer and fewer people to maintain our parks, streets, City vehicles, and monitor codes. Not a win for my house. WE NEED THE WORKERS OF AFSCME LOCAL 447, AND WE NEED MORE THAN WE HAVE NOW. Our basic City services are failing or have failed.

The jobs are filled, and the workers are organized... Let them stay that way. It really does protect the City.

The next question is from r.moshki and r.moshki asks, "How do you plan to carry out your "mission"? "

We work EVERYDAY to accomplish our mission. BA, our contributers, and I concentrate on being involved and helping others to be involved. Our continual participation in City Council is to set an example to other residents. People need to know that those meetings are a real resource to accomplishing better living in Easton. Our stalwart presensence is also an example of strengths of persistence-- people need to see that sometimes it takes a bit more that just popping in on one meeting to get results.

We communicate and encourage communication through editorials. We stand up against bad policy, abuses of ethics, blight, and crime; and we stand beside our neighbors when they do the same. We actively participate in worthwhile community events, and we spread the word to help the events flourish.

In short we are active good neighbors.


As I write this we are planning a EU community summit that we want to be a City crime symposium. So stay tuned.

Thanks for the questions.

We look forward to being a good neighbor to you soon!

Your neighbors

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