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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Challenge to All of Us

Tag Board Tension

It is my suggestion to all here in the EUniverse to reread and absorb Our Neighbors’ last post entitled The EU Manifesto. After nearly 8 weeks of unscheduled hiatus, I am back reading the tag board and am not amused. Not because the writers don’t have a right to state their endless complaints, but because they offer no solutions. If we here in the EUniverse are going to change things we have to offer up a pound of wisdom every now and then-- Concrete, viable solutions. When we go to City Council meetings are we offering resolutions to the problems for which we complain? I’m Just Asking.

On the street, I am told that EU is a bunch of people talking about nothing. Well folks, this isn’t Seinfeld. The masses can’t get past the tag board before they click onto their next order of business. If we as a group are going to go on and on, let’s give the readers real statistics from real sources, then solutions that the Council can use. We can be a forum for endless ranting or a forum for change. What’s it going to be folks?

I’m Just Asking.

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