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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

City Council Meeting Audio 3/14/07

This was a two hour meeting not to be missed. This meeting was SO GOOD that I had to post it right away. The meeting began with some nitty-gritty fiscal controlling as Tony Bassil the City's interim Controller showed us all why he should in fact have, and keep, that position. He discussed practices that he's imparted on the City's offices, and he praised the Purchasing Agent Scott Klablunde for his good practices.

After that we engaged in some worthwhile dialog on board and authority appointments.

Then the fireworks began as Councilwoman Heffley lobbed a shot across the bow of Public Works Director Dave Hopkins. Well being as her attack was a bit out-of-line, and Dave is so darned nice... Well, let's just say that it was not pretty for her. Thousands of people lined up to "Save Dave" (Well 5 or 10 people did). You see Dave Hopkins has a well deserved reputation as a worker who resolves issues.

There was a lot of talk about garbage strewn about the city.

The next round of fireworks came from His Honor the Mayor Phillip B. Mitman who took serious offense at being referred to as a "lame duck mayor." He got so mad that he finished his lashing with a manly, "I wanna show them to my lawyer, PAL!"

That, of course, was fallout from debate on the Riverwalk project.

All-in-all the meeting was very productive.

Audio (2 hours 2 minutes)


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I don't get it. This was posted by House of Crayons and it is praising House of Crayons? Just asking.

House of Crayons said...

two things Bernie.

1) For some reason my contributors do not want to post directly to the blog so they, and everyone else that wants to be editorialized email me and I post.

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