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Friday, March 30, 2007

City Council Meeting Audio 3/28/07

This is one of the rare instances that we cover both the City Council Conference Meeting and the regular meeting. The conference session was important because the citizen group opposing the Riverwalk project were given 20 minutes to present their research and issues on and with the project.

The presentation was excellent. Dennis Lieb presented a concise Power Point lecture that addressed the group’s largest issues with the project (we hope to have a copy to post soon).

It really disturbed me and struck me as odd that not one question was asked by Council or the Mayor. But the mayor was quoted rebutting the presentation as “not 100 percent correct.” (Express-Times and The Morning Call)

The regular meeting the following day (March 28, 2007) lasted two and a half hours. The first 40 minutes was citizen comments. Every comment was against the Riverwalk project. Three other major issues were brought up at the meeting; billing problems in the Treasurer’s office, retention of county workers within city limits, and police understaffing.

Riverwalk Presentation (20 minutes 2.8Mb)
Conference Meeting (1 hour 5 minutes 7.5Mb)
Regular Meeting (2 hours 29 minutes 17.1Mb)

Minutes (when available)
Riverwalk Presentation Power Point


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