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Friday, March 30, 2007

REPOST: From Joe Owens' Blog

I posted a comment in reply to Joe's assessment of our project on his blog. I think he sold us short. But, this is an aquired taste. And we're layered... Like an onion.

Your neighbor

Posted by JOSEPH P. OWENS/THE EXPRESS-TIMES March 27, 2007 18:34PM

'The bugler stands guard at 'Easton Undressed'I'm hoping to attract the attention of my friends over at Easton Undressed or anyone who is interested in Easton.

The topic of Easton's Peace Candle came up today, for about the 450th time. It was inspired by a mention in an op-ed column written by Carl Golden.

I have one simple question: Do you like the Peace Candle? Yes or no.

You can write more about your memories/experiences with it, but be sure to say if it should stay or go.

While on the topic of Easton Undressed, I want to make good on a promise to one of my buddies who is a regular contributor over there. He asked me to spend time looking at the Web site and give him my opinion on it. His request came after I lambasted anonymous voices on the Web.
Well, I spent time watching the site, and here is what I think.

Too much bellyaching. Too much jibber-jabber. Not enough forthright, objective discussion. Or identifiable, subjective discussion.

Take them one at a time.

* It strikes me as a place for city employees to moan and groan. It's OK to vent, but if you have a problem, why not offer a solution? Generally, it seems it's all about grumbling, which is interesting to a limited audience.

* I don't get the online chats. Is it for insiders only? Are we talking in code? Seems to be more like Instant Messenger stuff than content posted for interested readers.

* I cannot be convinced that the anonymous opinion has anything more than entertainment value. It's easy to go on and say "Phil Mitman's a goober" if you're not putting your name to it.
People take swipes at me, for good reason, but at least my name is on it. Some want to rationalize that certain city residents "can't" use their real names because they'll be targeted for retribution. I wonder if that's what they teach their children. "Don't stand up for something, because someone will only swat you down."

I do like the site's use of audio and commitment to public meetings. That's important.
So, there it is, my two cents on Easton Undressed. I can't wait for the lampoons that will be headed my way.

And in the interest of not just taking a cheap shot, I offer a suggestion. The best community blog I've seen hereabouts thus far has been NewsOverCoffee. The blogger takes extra effort not to make self-serving statements or outlandish remarks about others. He seeks and offers straightforward feedback.

Check it out. And don't forget the Peace Candle. Yes or No?


Bernie O'Hare said...

I like your blog and the way it is laid out. But I'll tell 'ya, I sure would like to see a steady stream of posts, actual essays. There's a mayoral and city council race, and I'm shocked at the lack of commentary. Since you follow Easton so closely, we would benefit from your remarks. Those audio blasts are great as a concept, but I can't even download many of them.

Last year, there was a steady stream of essays. In the summer, you all took a break. Now that the summer is long over, that steady stream of posts has not returned. I, for one, would appreciate a return to the citizen journalism that you folks pioneered.

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