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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Editorial: Riverwalk Opposition

We are down to the wire. The Planning Bd., the Zoning Bd., the Historic Architectural Review Board, Mayor Mitman, Gov. Rendell, Lou Ferrone/Easton Parking Authority, Arcadia, Armond Greco/LANTA, The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission and a large part of the Easton community have let the greater Easton community down. Riverwalk is going to be a huge blot on the riverfront, an environmental nightmare, a money pit that will suck the tax payers dry and enrich the developers. Community improvement has nothing to do with this project. It is all about money, power and political positioning. The home owners and residents in downtown Easton will lose their community expectations to land grabbing speculators who leave all the risks up to us, the tax payers and residents. We will have to live with this monster until we move out of town or die. The community must speak out. We need a groundswell of opposition to this project at the following meetings:

City Council work session 6pm tonight, Tues., March 13th.

City Council meeting 6pm, Weds., Mar. 14th.

City Council meeting 6pm, Weds., Mar. 28th.

Everyone must join in by coming to the meetings and speaking out, by contacting everyone who they know who can help in this effort, phone calls, e-mails, letters to the media, contact political representatives and the various organisations, such as LANTA, DRTBC, DRBC, US Corps of Engineers, and environmental groups. Make it a task to have each person you contact to contact three or more others. This needs to happen now. Let the Easton City Council know that there is a very large part of this community who are very disturbed by this project and by the behavior the people who hold the public trust. Thank you for your help.

Bob Johnson

Easton, PA

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