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Thursday, February 15, 2007

El Warner Announces City Council Candidacy


Elinor Warner announced today that she is running for one of three seats on Easton City Council. Warner, a Democrat, currently serves on the Easton Charter Study Commission, to which she was elected in May 2006. This will be her first run for City Council.

“The next few years will be crucial ones for our city, financially, culturally, and socially,” Warner states. “It’s important that we think about the future we desire for our city, and that we elect legislators who can move us toward that future. I am running for City Council because I believe I have the skills and the vision to move us toward that future while serving our present interests.”

A 1981 graduate of Easton Area High School, Warner graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sweet Briar College in 1985 and has a Master’s and PhD from the University of Virginia. She has a long history of community involvement. She served as Chair of the EHA House Tour in 1997, 1998, 2005 and 2006; has been involved with Easton’s Main Street Initiative since its inception, currently serving as the Chair of the Organization Committee and a member of the Main Street Advisory Board; and is a member of the Board of the Easton Business Association. She is the editor and publisher of The Elucidator, a free local publication.

“Easton has given me a great deal – a sense of place, a sense of community, a sense of home. I think it’s important to give back and to work together toward making this the city that we all know it can be,” states Warner. “We need effective ordinances, we need positive leadership, we need a municipal government that functions smoothly. We need neighborhoods that are clean and safe, for us and for our children. I want to work with the administration toward those goals.”

*This is her official release. EU did not conduct the interview. --HoC


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