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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hindsight May Be 5' 2"

I can be really shallow when I really need to be the most adept.

Take my voting... Two local candidates both equally approachable. One's had the job before the other is in the appropriate pipeline.

The ex-incumbent (if there isn't such a word there is now) has the endorsement of someone I trust. The other candidate has endorsements from some people I trust.

All things are fairly equal. The ex-incumbent has a tiny edge because of prior job experience.

I see them debate two days before I vote. The non ex-incumbent has a solid grasp of all of the issues and his answers are airtight. He's got numbers, times, and dates. Now that's not quite the case with Mr Ex-incumbent. His answers are canned. Everything's soundbite quality. The answers are about visions, concepts, and visionary concepts.

At this point I'm thinking, "I can't vote for a guy who can't answer a question."

I think about this for two days.

And then I Go to the polls and cast my vote for the tall distinguished-looking conceptual visionist ex-incumbent.

Man, did I ever let myself down.

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