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Friday, October 21, 2005

Thank You. Thank You Very Much.

Hurray!!! Today we got our 1st official comments on one of our post (2 comments actually). Plus, I got some feedback from a friend who knows me via email.

The feedback is really why we started this, and we don't wanna see it disappear (the feedback or the blog). We may have the time and patience to sit through a 2 hour city council meeting just to address a non-agenda item, but not everyone can. Our time and patience is a true luxury, and it's time to spread the wealth. Editorials to the local papers are only allowed once a month, and some of what we care about is not really editorial-worthy. We talk to one another every day about the city's happenings, but few of us talk to the mayor or the council members daily.

We all have our own interest and agendas, but for the most part all residents of the City of Easton that love their homes have common interest and agendas. Our voices are not heard as frequently as the voices of the city's businesses and business owners. Simply because, as individuals we sometimes lack the power or the interest to speak loudly enough. Over the past couple of years I have developed the interest, but I honestly don't believe that I can be objective enough alone.

So last week, while brain-storming with some of my colleagues about the best ways to get more rank and file taxpayers like us to discuss the amusement tax, I came up with this. All because a few months ago one of the TV news magazines like 60 Minutes or Primetime ran a piece on the growing social/political effectiveness of blogs.

So here we are.

While I will admit that an overwhelming majority of what I have (and will) type is my personal opinion, any comments or consensus will truly be ours.

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