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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Squeaky Wheel

Make a little noise and BAM! The results start rolling in. I go on and on about how the city needs to find new and creative sources of revenue. And what happens!?

Well, it appears that the city's water, sewer, and garbage billers are trying to pick up the slack that we will be losing to the Theatre. Last quarter's bill was a fundraising work of art. I hear that quite a few residents were issued delinquency notices for not paying the bill on time. Curiously, the bill was made due on SUNDAY, October 16,2005. Sunday. Hmmmmm

The penalty for late payment is 10% plus interest which, by the way, knocked my bill up to $270. At this point I'm all like, "Aww man." And I call my spouse who's all like, "Aww man." You see spousey is extremely proud of a lifelong history of prompt payments. Personally, knowing the other half like I do, I'm absolutely sure there has been a mistake. But I am deviously compelled to interrupt the workday with my disappointment. And after milking the situation, I made assurances that I would fix the problem.

So I read the bill, and it states the procedure for disputing the bill. And I'm all like, "Aww Man!" You have to put your dispute in writing and be darned-well able to back your crap up. Oh, and there's also a phone number to call. So, being the weak writer that I am, I called.

Well... blah, blah, blah... The lady told me it was a mistake and to disregard it. I also found out that the "mistake" was not isolated.

Family name saved, I claim my prize of high praise.

And then I'm all like, "Man, if everyone who "mistakenly" gets overbilled isn't brave enough to call-- the city stands to make a few bucks."

What I meant by new and creative revenue was to institute an Amusement Tax.


Anonymous said...

GREAT site! Do you have an e-mail address?

zoom said...


So another "creative" means the city uses was discovered by the wifey on this side of the house last year. Seems she gets a delinquent notice fro one of the myriad "phantom" taxes the city controls. Being of like nature as you, she decided this would not pass without comment. So she calls the listed number and opines that:
1. what the hell tax is this one??!!
2. never received the bill for it in the first place
3. guess what you can do with your delinquent notice!!??

City slug on the other end says, oh, wait just a second whilst I review the record. Couldn't have been too detailed a record as she is back in a nanosecond with the following (or close to it): Sorry 'bout that, error on our part, disregard all the above.

So, as you indicate, how many folks blithely got a similar notice, opined the city must know what they are doing and made a donation to the coffers of the enlightened. Well at least they were able to take a tax deduction!!

Anonymous said...

Who IS Roger Ruggles?? I hear he is the hope of Easton. I hear he knows that 2 + 2 = 4 not 5. That would be a refreshing change for our city council.