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Monday, October 17, 2005

Makes My Head Spin

Well it looks as if the Express can once again tolerate us Tax hungry Eastonians. They've have officially anointed the State Theater's self serving compromise (twice in one week). I guess we should all be happy. I mean, what would we be if we didn't have that particular theater run by that particular staff. If the Olde State were to go under because the seats were not full or the acts were not popular we would only have our selves to blame.

I for one don't ever want to be accused of not caring enough about the State Theater. Heck, I heard the tales of how it single handedly pulled downtown Easton from the throes of destitution. My favorite one is the one where the theater magically bridges "the sink hole" saving South Side from economic and physical isolation. Oh yeah, another favorite is the one where its patrons all join hands and march through the West Ward to Centennial Park to fix it up for the kids. Ah the good ole State...

Not one of the cities other attractions can hold a candle to Ole Statey. That is why they will be taxed 5% while the theater enjoys a rebate in excess of $100,000 and a tax rate of (my guesstimate) 2.5%.

That, my friends, is a negotiation coup!

"Mr Fleck, If you give us a slightly better rate than we currently have on the loan payments, and erase the balance of our one million dollar loan; we will graciously allow you to tax the other venues of disposable income throughout the city."

"Thank you so much Ms Brown. These meetings are always so wonderful."

"Now if you'd excuse me, It's getting late, I need to get home, and traffic out of town is horrible."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope this gets to you. The blog is wonderful. Your sense of humor is right on mixed with insightful "revelations" about the City. I would love to promote this blog in The Irregular and Easton Christmas Book. I don't know about choosing an identity as I am just myself--sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. Contact to give blog info for publication and keep this going! (I loved the comments on the political signs and laughed myself silly.)Oh, yes, about the amusement tax: I have yet to meet a resident who is opposed to it. Forgiving the State Theatre loan negates the possibility that some acts will avoid the Theatre, thereby setting in motion a chain of events we really don't want to see. And, yes, having the "endorsement", so to speak, of the State makes it a lot easier to pass the tax and avoid the controversy. We truly need to generate new streams of revenue before we taxed residents right out of the city!