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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Part Beauty Part Beast

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zoom said...

So many reasons why Easton is sputtering in its attempts to become a vibrant place and this joint is but one!! Hideous job on Drinky Drinkerson's (but what do you expect from any bozo who would coin such a name.) Basically these guys gave Easton a major flip of the bird with their plywood job.

A prime example of the main cause for one step forward, two steps back is the inability of this town to take itself seriously.

With the great architectural facades downtown and the major money that some folks are pouring in to try to build a better look and feel, the city itself continues to support derelicts of all kinds in Center Square. Would you take your kids anywhere but in and out the backdoor of the Crayola Factory with that bunch sprawled all over the Square??!!

The police force is too busy imploding to get serious about cleaning up the drugs and hookers on 4th Street.

The Eastonian will anchor a block that is "anchored" on the other side of the street by the "revived" Easton Cafe (thought the fire did Easton a favor, but some things never die.) By the way, as nicely as the Eastonian appears to be shaping, is there any real reason for a 24x7 concierge and the major maintenance fees in Easton? "Hey can you run up to Puffs and grab me a pack of smokes and a rock of crack from one of the dealers in the city parking lot next door??"

If the police weren't writing each other locker room lists on the blackboard, maybe they could see some of what everyone else can and clean it up!! Com'on troops, you are supposed to be big boys and you have chosen a profession of service - grow the hell up!!!

Even people who not long ago believed that there was a future and mistakenly thought Mayor Phil might trigger change this time around are about to give up. Strike two!!

It really is too bad because there is real potential here and there are people from other parts of the area and beyond who look here and see possibilities. Many have even made major investments. Time for the city to clean up its act and support those who want the change.

Dump the good old boys who let their buildings crumble and take a chance. Support refurbishment, support those who have the guts to start a new business in the downtown (other than dealing drugs, hooking or sitting on their asses in the Square til the next welfare check comes in.)

If you don't, Easton continues to languish and good people will move on while the downtown becomes a self-fulfilling mirror of failure that it could easily be.