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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Really Hate When That Happens!

I really feel like kicking myself when I have to rely on the paper to find out what's happening in my own backyard. Case in point; I found out today from Ed Sieger & Tracy Jordan that there was a College Hill Neighborhood Association meeting last night. And what was I doing that caused me to miss it???

absolutely nothing.

I let myself get out of the loop.

Now I don't knock TJ or Ed. In the short time I've observed the two, they have done what I would consider to be an excellent job. Although they are only ever capable of providing what I would consider to be Cliff's Notes versions of public meetings, they both have been spot-on excellent at conveying the moods of the meetings.

What kills me is that I missed the chance to watch the mayor address my neighbors at this very pivotal time in our city. I sit here wondering if TJ and Ed didn't write about the city's economic condition because no one mentioned it. I wonder if they didn't mention any of the city council candidates up for election in three weeks because they were not there. I wonder if the mayor delivered the same canned grant money spiel he's been pushing since he took office. I wonder why no one even mentioned the police. I wonder if anyone asked about the budget that is just weeks away from its presentation date. I wonder if the mayor addressed the Early Intervention Program-- or when the long overdue Early Intervention financial reports are going to presented to the public.

I wish I was there so I would know.

Has the mayor even commented on the Amusement Tax???

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