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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Call Out, Come Out, Speak Out.

Ok it’s over… Time for us to move forward. Council’s profile may not have changed much, but that don’t make me no nevermind. We can still help our city achieve great things.

Mrs. Millen-Eustis (congrats and good luck on the school board) has responded to EU on behalf of the Lil Rovers. They are open to any support we can offer. It would be great if EU readers would write, call, or (for the hard-core among us) speak in favor of the Heil Field House project. In the interest of making this easy the message could simply be, “Hello, [Mayor/Councilperson], my name is [My Name] and I would like the city officials to take a more proactive approach to help with the Heil Field House project. The reports of the volunteers’ frustration with the city are disgraceful and embarrassing. Thank you.” Or something to that effect.

Phil Mitman, Mayor – 610-250-6610
Sandra Vulcano, Council President - 610-250-6732
Michael Fleck, Council Vice-President - 610-250-6733
Pamela Panto, Council Member - 610-250-6734
Ken Brown, Council Member - 610-250-6791
Carole Heffley, Council Member - 610-250-6792

I’m calling right now, and I will address council in a few hours. PLEASE COME OUT TO THE COUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT!!! This evening’s meeting is one in a good string of IMPORTANT council meetings this month and next. The business on the agenda is not to be taken lightly. The report being presented this evening will be very long and very controversial. If we let it be presented and allow any of its recommendations to be passed quietly, we stand the chance of furthering the excessive preference that our city government is giving businesses over residents. Don’t let them continue to ignore our neighborhoods, services, and programs.
This is not a township. This is a city. And in a city government SERVICE TO THE CONSTITUENCY is the NUMBER ONE job. Any other pursuits the city undertakes must not undermine service to the residency. Tourism, business, and development must not spend resident tax dollars. Our city is being used by our suburban neighbors, developers, and our county government tenants as everything but a home.

Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow for new cartoons, and we hope to have a couple of exciting new features up this week. PLEASE email us at FOR ANYTHING.

This is really just the beginning. We have BIG things planned, and we need each other.

Your Neighbor.

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