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Thursday, November 03, 2005


One of our college neighbors sent this email to . It's county level politics. I know we haven't sauntered there yet-- So let's saunter!

Here's the message:

Hi, neighbors,
Some of you/us might like to attend this event on Lafayette's campus Friday. The person who arranged it would--I believe--welcome local neighbors at the event. I figure it might be an opportunity to locate some more common ground between "town and gown":

Just found out that John Stoffa will be able to come to the College on Friday for a brown bag. He is running against Bob Nyce for County Executive and will be discussing the issues of importance to the County. I originally tried to schedule a debate between John and Bob but Bob refused to engage in another debate with John. He emailed me that there were enough debates in the Easton area and that another one was unnecessary. I advised him that John had agreed to come and gave him another opportunity to participate. I received the same email again in response. Therefore, John will be here alone to discuss the issues. Please let the underground know. Perhaps those who do not support his candidacy can come out and ask some of the difficult questions. Also some classes could be asked to attend.

It will be held in Kirby 104 at noon on Friday, Nov 4. Pizza and soda will be served.

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