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Thursday, November 10, 2005

H E L L O !!! Is Anyone Out There?

Is anyone even listening?!?!?!

Is this thing on?

My friend the badapple is very right. We got sold a big ‘ole jug of snake oil. The EIP consultants have a sweet little Nigerian Millionaire scam going—and it’s STATE SANCTIONED! We got ripped off, and I want my money back.

Add another $100,000.00 to the “money down the drain for 2005” column of the budget. It’s like we’re banging our heads against the walls. Bob Sabatine even told us publicly that a lot of the recommendations would be ours. But did anyone in control listen? So we just spent $100,000.00 to buy our own ideas back.


Yes, we were taken for $100,000.00 not $50,000.00. You see, it’s semantics, but state grant money is just reallocated tax money. Our tax dollars go to Harrisburg, mix with money from the entire state in order to bear more interest, and is then given back to us if we are deemed worthy.

Ms Brown, taking grant money is “drinking from the public trough”. You can ask Mayor Mitman if you don’t believe us. The mayor himself has repeatedly praised developers Koehler and Kheel for not “using any public monies, in the form of grants”.


Someone at the spring EIP meeting asked the two consulting firms how they could possibly offer more than a years worth of their very valuable time for only $100,000.00. I’m still not sure what the answer was. But we do suspect that they can do it because they are serving several communities at once; offering each the bare minimum in boiler plate consultation. NO PROOF—JUST A SUSPICION.

Well this is probably our WORST posting ever. So thanks for reading it, because it will probably get deleted next week when we do our weekly editing review.

We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, want and need some guest writers. The tag board’s ok, but we need some people to…


“Step up to the plate” is officially the most overused cliché at city council meetings. Shame on you, Ms Heffley, for using it. And more shame on you, Precious Petty, for filling up column space by quoting the lame overused phrase. NO PROPS FOR YOUSE!

Oh Yeah, Mr. Sabitine gets the award for single-handedly beating a phrase beyond the glue factory with: “There are no sacred cows.”


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