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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Explanations The Administration Will Offer With The Next Residential Tax And Fee Increases.

1. Council President says, “Somehow were going to end up about a quarter of a million dollars short over the next two years.” - House of Crayons
2. This is just a draft budget, I will be forming a blue ribbon committee to reveiw it. - Badapple
3. The dog ate my spreadsheet - Badapple
4. Stu ain't cheap! - Da Mare
5. My neighbors on Ferry Street needed an outlet for their disposable income. - Bill Gloveguy
6. If it cost more, it has to be better. - BigManFromFerryStreet
7. That green paint to cover-up graffiti is expensive. - Trimmer McGrady
8. It wasn't me, Tom set me up! - Anonymous
9. The college was a few dollars short on Mitman Hall. - Deconomic Envelopment
10. We always raise taxes!. - The Administration
11. You don't know what you're talking about. - The Administration

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1 comment:

truebluedude said...

One of the problems with Easton (as with any county or state governmental "seats") is so many nontaxable entities. For example, we get nothing for that monstrosity of a "county government" complex that is a net drain on city resources, especially if you count the devaluation of residential properties around the "prison."

Likewise, Lafayette, recently ranked the second most endowed university per student in the country, pays what to the city? A simple way to correct the drain from Lafayette & balance the budget shortfall might be to impose some sort of "dorm" tax of $500 per student who resides in the dorms per semester with the institution charged with collecting it (levying it directly on students instead of the instituion gets around the "can't tax a nonprofit" problem). Although I am sure people can figure out other ways of raising money much better than me.