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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The People's Business

Ok tagboarders, get the partisan politics out of you system now. Because after the election buzz has worn down it's back to the people's business. As my friend Mike Fleck (yes, I like the guy) likes to say, "there is no democrat or republican way to collect the trash or clean the streets." So, after we ordain our new doers of the people's business, we need to do some of our own business.

There's still the little matter of the $252,700.00 that my friend Mike gave away. The EU community has a strategy or two brewing that will hopefully get us the people's money back. We need to offer the people's opinion and the people’s oversight on the Early Intervention Report (which, by-the-way is slated to be released this Wednesday at the council meeting). The budget is after that.

Also, the EU staff would like to offer any help we can to the Little Rovers organization. If anyone associated with the field house project is out there please get in touch. Email

The elections are a very small part of what we hope to accomplish within our community. Our city is one of the greatest cities I know of (and I’ve lived in a few). The best thing we possess, next to our excellent location, is a VOLUMOUS amount of untapped potential. We live in a city that is laid bare and waiting for some really industrious leadership. Leadership from our residents, our politicians, our educators, and our businesses. The more people we get involved—the more people we have represented. If we do that we stand a good chance to rid our city of single-minded selfishness. We can accomplish things that benefit more than just the arts community, the business sector, College Hill, or the county. OK, enough of that. I’m getting all gushy and stuff.

Next topic. Twice, in the span of 5 days, I was overtly called a “COWARD”. And both times for the same reason— anonymously posting, and supporting, the anonymous posting of opinions. The first person was a local editor (who by-the-way is in an industry that has successfully argued that the lawful guarantee of anonymity is necessary). And the other person is a colleague who knows most of the EU staff. I value ALL opinions, but I don’t have to agree with them all. And right now, I can’t agree. While EU is really only semi-anonymous, it has been developed this way on purpose. We do not want any action that gets developed through EU to be attributed to any one person. This blog is not really about a single person’s anything.

We may be small group now, but we are not fringe. This is an Easton thing, and it’s only about the people’s business.

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Anonymous said...

You should re-think your vote for city council. Mr. Ruggles may not have the smooth answers but he has the truth. Are his answers too abstract or did you just not think them through. Call him and ask him to explain. HIS number is in the book. The email address on his card is