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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Bill White : Joe Must Stay

Once again I will gush all over Bill White...

As a person trying to influence people with words I am ALWAYS looking for "it". And I truly believe Mr White has "it".

I write to affect Easton social/political issues, but I read out of pure interest. I am not the biggest fan of the Morning Call, and that is simply because they really don't carry much Easton news. But two of my favorite writers are Call hacks, Tracy Jordan & Bill White.

Now, I like them for two entirely different reasons.

Tracy seems to dig deeper than most and gives good background and qualifying information in her stories. It also helps that she writes on my side of the opinion, and she smiles and looks you in the eye when chatting.

Now Bill, that's a horse of a different color... This guy sucks me in with catchy rarely biased wit. He gets me every time. I rarely read an author's name before I dig into articles beyond the front page. But it seems that every time I'm engaged in an entertaining piece I look up halfway through to see this cheesy head shot and the words "Bill White".

This guy is a teacher; a quasi-guru.

When he can write about the most benign disassociated subject and at the end give me a life lesson; I know he has "It".

I'm not much of a Penn State fan, but his blog piece was about a little more than fandom to me. Bill White IS A MAN. He reaffirms values. He serves us up big ole helpings of "Good Neighbor" hidden in stories. He even says I'm sorry, I was wrong with a smile and a handshake. Like a man should.

A lot of his topics I don't even care much about. I don't over-like dogs, But the phrase "Dog Pinata" was too much bait for me. I'm a sucker for over or misused cliches so "Dog and Pony Show" was a no brainer. "Bring me the Head of John Karoly"... Are you joking me!!! Never stood a chance.

He always sucks me in and when I'm finished I ask myself,
"So SemiAnonymousBlogger, What have you learned?"

House of Crayons,
Your Grateful Neighbor

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