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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pregame Warm-up & Short List (EDITED)

Hello Neighbors,

Tonight is council meeting night. Big goings on are happening. The biggest of which is the Mayor’s budget proposal. We’ll reserve all comment for this evening and tomorrow.
The audio will be available, at the latest, noon tomorrow.

It looks like we’ll be getting some guest writers and interviews soon. We also want to put the next top ten list up for bid. We will present the topic, and you will email us suggestions for the list. The top ten (duh) submissions will be printed as the list (authors will be credited by whatever name they choose).

The topic is:

The top ten explanations the administration will offer with the next residential tax and fee increases.

I’ll submit the 1st answer.
Council President says, “Somehow were going to end up about a quarter of a million dollars short over the next two years.”

Submit your answers by email—let’s make the winners a surprise.

Here’s our ***EDITED*** current shortlist for interviews.

Peter Koehler, Bill White, Tracy Jordan, Sandra Vulcano, Pam Panto, Carole Heffley, Ken Brown, Bob Freeman, Mayor Mitman, John Morganelli, Wayne Grube, John Stoffa, Sheldon Smith, the next police chief, Ed Sieger, Tony Bassil, Sal Panto, Tom Goldsmith, Dave Hopkins, Governor Rendell, oh yeah and Mike Fleck.

Any help in getting the person(s) cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

See you this evening…

Your Neighbors

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